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My daughter has been in this school for more than one semester and I can say that this is a very good school. The owners work hard to keep the school always organized and the academic part is excellent. My daughter loves the teachers so much. Ms Smith and MsSuzana, they are very sweet and excellent teachers !!!


I am not a person who typically writes review unless I am extremely happy or disappointed with a service or business that I have visited. After reading the review left on Yelp regarding this school, I felt it necessary to write a truthful statement about them.

My daughter started attending AaBbCc Early Learning Center in September of 2017. When she first started here she didn't know nearly enough in my opinion. The previous preschool that she was in did nothing to help her learn and we happen to hear about this school from a friend in the area, and boy are we happy we did. In just one quick month my daughter not only knew the alphabet but she was able to recognize them and was able to write her entire name! I was blown away. The owners of the school are not only involved, but 100% interested in every student to ensure that the school is running properly. The school is impeccably cleaned at all times. When I came in to register my daughter we would only get to the school at 7 pm and there was a professional cleaning crew which is there every evening to clean the entire school. When I say all surfaces are wiped and disinfected, I literally mean every surface from the door to the walls to the light switches and things you wouldn't even think to clean. I was left with no words when I saw that. There is certainly NO smell when you come in. I cannot believe that someone would make such insane accusations about this school. To see how much this school has done for us, here is what happened today.

When we went for her prescreening for kindergarten, the lady interviewing her was blown away by my daughter. She said that has not seen many children as articulate as my daughter and to know so many things like she did.


We have had a long and pleasurable association with AaBbCC learning Center. Starting with our daughter, a journey we started with a lot of trepidation and anxiety, but it has been filled with precious memories. Everyday, as we dropped her off at school, we walked away with the consistent feeling of comfort that our kids were in able and caring hands. Thanks Mrs.Penny and the wonderful staff! The first year of preschool is a very important step for kids and parents, and we are very thankful that our daughter spent a huge share of their lives within the cozy confines of your school. We wish you all the best and are sure that many more kids will come through your school and leave with cherished memories just like our daughter did!!

Shri P

My boys love it here! At only 3, they are learning letters and numbers, how to hold a pencil properly, socialization skills, and structure. They especially love the gross motor skills room and the outside space. Excellent, caring staff and a great atmosphere for learning!


My son loves it here! He truly learns so much and is always so excited to go to school in the morning. It was such a good decision to put my son in AaBbCc early learning center!


AaBbCc will be the newest preschool in Danbury when it opens later this month with a completely renovated facility and a great staff of dedicated and experienced teachers and administrators.


Dropping her off at daycare used to be so heart-wrenching. She cried every single day for the last 2 years! We are only on day three and she is all smiles!! You know in your heart what is the best decision for your children and this transition couldn't have been any easier. Thank you Mr. And Mrs. Penny for sharing your passion and dedication with us and opening your hearts to Liana.










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