Welcome to AaBbCc Early Learning Center of Danbury

We are an Academic Based Preschool which also offers a Full Day Kindergarten Program

The things your child learns between the ages of two and six years old are critical for development and growth. That's why getting them enrolled in the right preschool is so important! AaBbCc Early Learning Center of Danbury will make sure they are getting the education they need in a safe, stimulating environment. Our teachers are dedicated to teaching a kindergarten preparedness curriculum that will set them up for future success. Your child will enter kindergarten fully prepared to tackle the challenges of a more rigorous curriculum.

We proudly participate with the Care4Kids financial assistance program.

Learn more about our preschool programs by calling AaBbCc Early Learning Center of Danbury at 203-942-2225.

We'll make sure your child gets what they need to succeed!

Want to set your child up for future growth? Sign them up for the preschool program at AaBbCc Early Learning Center of Danbury. Located in Danbury, CT, our preschool will give your children the tools they need to succeed throughout their lives! We have a strong focus on academics:

  • Respect for the rights of others
  • Sharing and fair play
  • Respect for authority
  • We thrive on diversity and the opportunity to learn from other cultures

Our early childhood education teachers are highly trained professionals with the necessary skillset to guide your youngster through the early child development period. Get in touch with AaBbCc Early Learning Center of Danbury to see what we can do for your child!

Do you think you can't afford preschool for your child? Even the federal government has advocated for preschool and early childhood programs. AaBbCc Early Learning Center of Danbury will provide a nurturing, engaging environment for your child's development without feeling as though you're paying college tuition fees. We offer specials and discounts such as:

  • Sibling discount of 20%
  • Referral Rewards

Contact us for more information.

Age Requirements

All children between the ages of 2 years and 9 months (as long as they turn 3 by December 31st of the current year) will be able to start by September 1st of that year and will participate in our CT Early Learning and Development Standards curriculum.

Before and After School Program

We offer a program that will allow your children to continue learning with individualized homework assistance. Our program encourages socialization, problem solving, academics, and play through music, art, and games. This includes:

School age children up to age 12
Homework assistance
Afternoon snacks provided

Contact AaBbCc Early Learning Center of Danbury at 203-942-2225 to inquire further.